Boise Traditional Baptist Church Plant

This is an invitation for any who would desire to meet and pray regarding seeing a ‘traditional baptist church’ planted in the Boise, Idaho, area.

‘Traditional’ means being simple and biblical in worship.

‘Baptist’ means the doctrinal perspective that God’s Kingdom is spiritual and entered into by means of the new birth alone and not by religious ritual.

‘Church’ means that we are about being a local assembly, with the blessing of the gospel of Jesus Christ, under the authority of Christ and His Word, in union with His universal church in heaven and on earth.

What We Are not:

  • Not Reformed or Calvinistic
  • Not King James Only
  • Not Legalistic
  • Not dispensational

What We Are About:

  • The blessing of the true gospel
  • Simple services (prayer, reading the Bible, hymns and biblical songs, preaching)
  • Meeting with Jesus, by means of His Word
  • Open service with freedom to come or go – no abusive pastoral ministry
  • Emphasizing the person and work of Jesus Christ
  • Emphasizing faith as what it means to walk by the Spirit
  • Male only leadership in obedience to the Word

If you share these views please join with us to pray about such a work being started. If you are  located elsewhere and would desire prayer, share with us so that we may pray for you.

C: (208) 996 6941