About Steven


I am a minister of the gospel, not based on the agency of men, but of my own conviction before God, based upon what I regularly preach in my services at home. The Lord has entrusted me with the gospel and with a vision to see traditional baptist churches planted.

I have a message that transforms and empowers Christians. Rightly understanding the power of the cross results in personal conversion and is the only means of being able to walk by the Spirit. It is the burden of my heart to make every man complete in Christ and that local churches might be established in a true understanding of the gospel, with a traditional ethos so as to avoid carnal and worldly ways of doing ministry.

Being employed in full time secular work does limit my ability to fulfill the ministry that the Lord has entrusted to me. I have a Bachelor of Theology with the Australian College of Theology, which is equivalent to a Masters of Divinity in the USA. Married for over 25 years and have five children. In my personal time I love to read the bible, spend time with my family, exercise, and I regularly post a weekly sermon on this site under Preaching.

My name is Steven Lytton Hitchcock and I am a Christian. I am one who has struggled greatly with the weakness of my flesh and with doctrinal error. I am so blessed now, knowing that the Lord has used affliction to bless me in ways that I never thought possible and I have a message that I am certain will bless the people of God.

I would describe my present experience of the Christian life as walking on water. Not that I consider myself to have arrived, sinless, or that I have obtained perfection [Phil 3:12-16]. Walking on water for Peter was imperfect, but nevertheless, it is the answer for how to live the Christian life. You can know this power in your own life as well and it is my deeply felt desire that I might be able to share it with you. I believe that the Lord has entrusted me with a right understanding of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. What the Lord has given to me, no man can take away from me.

I do boast. I boast in this – ‘but let him who boasts boast of this, that he understands and knows Me’ [Jeremiah 9:23,24]. It is a boasting in the cross of Christ [Gal. 6:14]. It is also a boasting in my weaknesses, ‘so that the power of Christ may dwell in me’ [2 Cor. 12:9,10]. For when we boast in our weaknesses we are boasting exclusively in our faith. To boast in faith necessarily excludes boasting in ourselves [Romans]. Faith is not a work that has merit or that one could boast in of itself. Faith says, “I look only unto you my Lord and Savior”.

Joined with this confidence in the Lord is the burden for the state of the Evangelical Christian Church, which is the basis of this web site. Zeal for your house will consume me.

I find that I am presently in a situation in which I find myself standing alone. It is something I have not desired to bring upon myself and I have sought with all my heart to find those of like mind. When God gives His Word to you, being entrusted with the true gospel, you will know that this is true and you will necessarily know isolation.

My current experience of isolation is because:

  • I stand in opposition to Calvinism, which is the prevailing position at present
  • I stand in opposition to Dispensationalism, which dominates those who are not Reformed
  • I stand in opposition to legalism and antinomianism
  • I stand in opposition to all forms of cultism in Christian churches, dumb fundamentalism, and abusive pastoral ministries
  • I stand in opposition to many in Christian leadership because of their way of doing church, as explained in detail on this site
  • I stand in opposition to men who do not take seriously the preaching of the Word of God
  • I stand in opposition to men who use the ministry for their own benefit and use their role in the church for the benefit of their family members (Nepotism)

Information about Steven:

  • Born in 1966
  • Grew up in the Bay Area of California
  • 1984 graduated from Tracy Joint Union High School, California
  • Became a Christian in 1985 while serving in the U.S. Army [A Co, 3rd Battalion, 9th Regiment, 7th Infantry Division]
  • Discipled by Chaplain George Hite for three months while recovering from spinal injuries at Letterman Army Medical Hospital, San Francisco
  • Immediately after my conversion I discovered that I was still a sinner and the importance of the fight against the flesh, the world, and the devil. It was not until 2014 that the Lord enlightened me about what it means to walk by the Spirit. It is a battle until death, but what a blessing to understand how we are to walk by faith!
  • 1985 became a member and was baptized at Trinity Baptist Church, Livermore, California
  • Participated in a two week Partnership Evangelism with Cosham Baptist Church, England, through the Southern Baptist Convention
  • Also participated with Charismatic groups in street witnessing and was influenced by certain errors with Pentecostalism
  • 1986 Influenced by a Christian to embrace the error of Calvinism
  • 1986 – 1998 Membership at Livermore Reformed Baptist Church, California
  • While under the error Calvinism, over two years, I also became influenced by another member of LRBC with the error of Preterism
  • Over 100 hours of visitation at Livermore Veterans Nursing Home, California
  • 1994 graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication, California State University, Hayward
  • 1996 Married to Alison, who is from Perth, Western Australia
  • From 1998 to 2015 lived in Perth, Western Australia
  • 1998 – 2003 Membership at Covenant Baptist Church, Rossmoyne, Western Australia
  • While still a Calvinist I also came under the error of Modalism, independently, which was used of the Lord to help me to see the error of Calvinism
  • Dual citizen of U.S.A. and Australia
  • Steven and Alison have four girls and one boy
  • 2001 – 2003 studied full time at Trinity Theological College and earned a  Bachelor of Theology, which is equivalent to a Masters of Divinity in the U.S.A.
  • 2005 served three months at Atwell Community Church, Western Australia, as a Christian Worker [preaching, witnessing, bible study, etc.]
  • 2011 Authored a book against Calvinism: Recanting Calvinism [videos]
  • 2015 moved back to U.S.A., living in Boise, Idaho
  • Currently employed in full time secular work with a Bank
  • 2018 Authored Take Up Your Cross: Our Only Power to Live and Walk by the Spirit

Regarding things Christian, Steven is interested in and/or has a prior involvement in:

  • Getting into the Word and understanding doctrine
  • Doing traditional worship with hymns, spiritual songs, the reading of Scripture, and  biblical preaching
  • Ministry to the elderly – many blessed times meeting elderly saints, such as some WWI vets at the Livermore Veteran’s Nursing Home
  • Leading corporate prayer meetings and bible studies
  • Witnessing – street witnessing in San Francisco and Hollywood, California
  • Preaching – 1 Peter 4:11
  • Writing: Recanting Calvinism and Take Up Your Cross