How To Find a New Pastor

There is a pervasive problem in our modern day among evangelical churches. The problem is in finding a pastor.

It should not be this difficult or take so long, nor should there be so many churches without pastors. The reason that this is such a huge problem for churches is simply because they are going about it all wrong.

It is without a doubt that prayer is the most important thing in finding a pastor. That should go without saying, but there is something else that should be a given.

What I am referring to relates to an underlying issue that is part of a larger problem among churches. So many churches are in such a fix simply because they have become termination points or solitary mountains instead of being what Jesus intended. I am referring to being places where pastors are born.

  • If the previous pastor did not mentor men for the ministry then it is no wonder why your church is in this situation
  • If the church has made too much of one man and it is too big for any man in the assembly to occupy the role, then this can only mean one thing

It means that your church is not a biblical Christian ministry. What is needed by such a church is a tearing down of what is political and replacing it with what is biblical.

When we construct an unbiblical ministry it necessarily becomes impossible for God to answer our prayers that such a church should have the pastor of His choosing. If you do obtain a new pastor of the same sort of ministry, when he leaves, and he will eventually, you will be where you are now, but all over again!

Christian ministry should really be very simple and never facing this problem, let alone a pervasive problem. If you find your church stuck in this rut then do this and God will answer your prayer for a new pastor. Take on board the biblical way of churches being places where pastors are born and take it before the Lord of the harvest [Matthew 9:36-38]. Make it a matter of purpose, that as a church you are saying to the Lord that you only want a pastor who will fulfil this mandate from God, and God will send such a pastor to you.

Think about it. Satan wants churches to become disfunctional in raising up ministers of the Word. He has been so successful that just about any mega church that loses its pastor is not able to fulfil the role from its large membership. This should cause us to stop and think! The reason no man from the membership can occupy the position is simply because the former pastor has made himself so important and so unbiblical. Ironically, by failing to raise men up for the same position, the former pastor has rendered his own lasting usefulness to be of significant doubt.

The same dysfunctionality is found in small rural churches. Why was it not considered important that other men in the small assembly should be trained for the ministry? This is why so many rural churches die, simply because they have lost sight of how important every work is and how essential it is to the vision and health of every church. Everyone in the church participates in a man of God being made ready to do the ministry and this communicates significance from the bottom up.

Is there not a young David among you, though inexperienced? Is there not a man among you whom the Lord can use, even as he looks to the Lord to enable him to provide for his young household and their spiritual wellbeing? Is there not a seasoned saint in the assembly, that though the world says he is retired, he is able to edify the people of God? Cannot all of these labor together and strengthen one another to the fulfilment of the Christian ministry?

What ever happened to having faith in God? Is God distant? Does not God provide by means that often surprise us? He has already provided for the church’s need. Maybe what is really needed is that greater faith to see it?

What makes a man able for the ministry is not a piece of paper, though biblical training may be of some help, but it is the support of the people of God that makes all the difference. The man of God is the arrow, the congregation the bow. They both need each other! Even Jesus could not do many works in His home town because of the people’s unbelief [Matthew 13:53-58].