Not Reformed

We live at a time in which many evangelical churches have exchanged the joy of the gospel for the glory of Calvinism. The commentaries and the systematic theologies that are in demand today are by those who are Reformed.

This vision of a traditional baptist church is one that is against Reformed or Calvinistic teaching. To avoid the errors of Calvinism is to act unfaithfully in equipping the saints, resulting in a vacuum for error to occur and in depriving a true understanding of God and the gospel. While Reformed teaching is spreading too many faithless and cowardly pastors are not exposing its errors.

Here are the errors of Calvinism that are spreading in evangelical churches

  • a shifting of the object of faith away from Jesus who saves us, as we believe in Him, to a “faith” in a hidden decree before creation that has caused us to be saved – hence the importance of knowing if you are one of the elect
  • the reason why people don’t believe is because God doesn’t want them to be saved
  • God does not love everyone
  • Jesus did not die on the cross for everyone
  • Regeneration occurs before Justification
  • unregenerate sinners cannot have faith
  • God must first regenerate a sinner before he or she can have faith
  • the Word of God is rendered powerless – until there is regeneration
  • faith never at any point results in salvation because one is saved (i.e., regenerated) in order to have faith
  • the importance of Justification as the ‘hinge on which the door of salvation swings’ is rendered inconsequential because of the emphasis on the permanent work of Regeneration having already occurred

These errors must be exposed because the most important doctrines of Christianity are being rendered powerless. God’s Word cannot be heard! The lost cannot have faith in Jesus! Faith does not result in salvation!

A new “second conversion” has been created by these false teachers. They have brought the people of God under their power by giving them another gospel. They say that if you really want to hear something amazing, listen to this: the reason you have believed is because God chose you in eternity past! You couldn’t have believed “of yourself”, God had to make you alive so that then you could have faith and He did this according to the freedom of His own will, to save those whom He wanted to save, passing by others who were not chosen as you were.

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