Recanting Calvinism: Videos

Recanting Calvinism


Four Problems with the Calvinistic answer to the problem of Israel in Romans 9-11


Why Did God Create YOU?


Calvinism Fails to Understand What Hell Is


Recanting Unconditional Election for a Personal Election


What is the Gospel?


Calvinism says Faith is a Work


Calvinism Says the Wonder is that God Should be Gracious


Calvinism Says that God is Great and that We are Insignificant


Limited Atonement Undermines Christ’s Two-Fold Work of the Cross


Calvinism Says that Jesus Does Not Fret Over Sinners


Calvinism Says it is Scriptural


Calvinism Says it is Christianity


Calvinism Says that Regeneration is Before Faith


Calvinism Says it Honors God


Take Up Your Cross



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