The Characteristics of God

God (i.e., the Trinity) is unfailing in His love and in His holiness. His preeminent attribute is love, but it is equally understood to be self-directed by His immutable holiness. He is exclusively divine, exclusively autonomous and self-determining, and without beginning or change. He is all-powerful (i.e., omnipotent), all-knowing (i.e., omniscient), and present everywhere (i.e., omnipresent). He is eternal, which necessarily means that He is not bound by time (e.g., all time is present to Him). He is the Almighty, the absolute ruler over all that He has created. Though He has delegated a role of determination to mankind, who has been made in His image, God is nevertheless that One to whom man must give an account. God is good, without any temptation toward evil or possessed of any imperfection by evil [James 1:13]. God created us in love and will continue to love everyone He has created, though His love may be brought to perfection with the wicked in the form of wrath in an eternal hell. Hell is that awesome and terrifying expression of the love of God that has been unrequited by sinners, again, expressed negatively as wrath or anger. It is the great and unfailing love of God that is the reason why God sent His Son into the world so that everyone can be saved [John 3:16].