The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit comes to indwell all those who have believed in Jesus Christ, so that their very bodies become a temple of the Holy Spirit, fulfilling the role of the temple that was given to the nation of Israel.

The Holy Spirit’s part in God’s work of salvation is summarily understood as Glorification. As it says in ‘the chapter of the Holy Spirit’, Romans 8:30 ‘…and these whom He justified, He also glorified.’ The believer’s very first experience of the Holy Spirit is understood as ‘Glorification,’ which is synonomous with being ‘Baptised with the Holy Spirit’. The Holy Spirit’s act of glorifying the believer is three-fold: Regeneration, Sanctification, and Adoption.

  • Regeneration – a permanent new birth in the believer in which there is a new creation of an inner man (i.e., born again, born of the Spirit), which is coupled with a spiritual death of the believer’s former self
  • Sanctification – a singular infusion or a permanent sealing in the believers regenerated inner man with a principle of holiness, so that he or she is now a slave of righteousness
  • Adoption – a permanent bonding of the believer into a fellowship with God as a beloved child and fellow heir with Jesus Christ

All are instantaneous at conversion, and, because they are founded upon God’s certain Justification of the believer, they are permanent and cannot be annulled. Anyone who has been justified is most certainly glorified with the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit furthermore works an on-going work of sanctification in the life of a believer (not to be confused with that instantaneous sanctification at conversion). The Holy Spirit does this by means of promoting faith in the Word of God, and by many inward works of conviction, correction, admonition, warning, and also by affirming and persuading, and furthermore, by helping the believer to grow in faith and in all godliness.

The Holy Spirit initially glorifies the believer with the pledge of the Holy Spirit, in view of ultimate and full glorification. This ultimate glorification shall only be obtained upon the last day, at the resurrection, in which the believer will be made perfect, unable to sin and so completely filled with the Holy Spirit that his or her body will illuminate the glory of heaven.