What We Are Not!

  • Not Reformed
  • Not King James only
  • Not Dispensationalist
  • Not Formalists
  • Not Legalistic

Not Reformed

Reformed or Calvinistic teaching is not Biblical teaching. Having been a Calvinist for almost twenty years I know that a church leadership cannot be in both camps. There is simply no way to have both contrary views taught from the pulpit. For further information, I refer you to my page Former Calvinist.

Not King James Only

The King James Bible is an excellent translation, in most respects, but it cannot be upheld as an exclusive translation of the bible. I personally favor the Byzantine Textform as my ultimate textual authority, but use the New American Standard as my preferred English translation.

Not Dispensationalist

Dispensationalism sees the cross as plan B, because God’s original purpose with Israel failed. Jesus is not King now, but will eventually reign on earth for a thousand years, only to then have His throne and all creation destroyed by fire, to be replaced with a new heavens and earth. Too many churches become imbalanced regarding current political and economical events, as though they fulfilled biblical prophecy. This tendency toward the sensational is a detraction from the focus that churches should have on the gospel itself. It is lamentable that so much is made of national Israel, when Paul would have had us prompt his kinsmen to jealousy, instead of flattering them as “God’s people”. I have seen whole church services wasted with questions regarding national Israel and the like, when Paul expressly states in 1 Thess. 5:1, ‘Now as to the times and the epochs, brethren, you have no need of anything to be written to you.’ For information regarding Steven’s view of the Last Things.

Not Formalists

Many churches have emphasised a traditional service, but unfortunately from a mere adoption to formalism. While our church service needs to be orderly and not worldly, there is always the danger of adopting a dead and ritualistic form that is devoid of God’s Spirit. The ‘traditional’ emphasis on our worship is not to be an end in itself, but rather a means to an end. The whole point of going traditional is to diminish those things that will detract from the ministry of God ‘s Word.

Not Legalistic

Those who are legalistic are those who actually think that they are and have kept God’s Law. While the Christian is to make it his aim to do all that he does for the glory of God and for His pleasure, we are never to exchange our faith in Christ as the basis of our salvation for the polishing of particular badges that replace the basis of belonging in the Christian church.