The Real Answer to Resisting Temptation

Nothing seems to work. You are at the end of yourself. You have had some success but you know that eventually you will fall again to temptation and you just don’t know what to do about it.

Is the Christian life a joke? A hopeless endeavor that only some can do, but not yourself?

If you are thinking like this and you are loathing yourself because of your failures, I know exactly how you feel. I am well acquainted with failure after failure and knowing complete discouragement and a sense of hopelessness.

I tell you the truth, there is a real answer to resisting temptation. Yes, I am presently experiencing such wonderful and real power to walk by the Spirit. Truly, my life now is like the miracle of walking on water. I want you to know this miracle in your life as well!

My answer is only useful to born again, bible believing, evangelical Christians. You know Jesus, you love Jesus, and if He were to suddenly appear before you, you would weep unceasingly before His loving countenance because you do not want to sin against Him.

What I am going to tell you you may think you have heard before. Please hear the answer and then patiently pursue a deeper understanding of it. It may take some time for you to truly get it. The Lord showed it to me in 2014 and it took a few years before I could say that I had truly learned how to put it into use. It is a spiritual answer that requires the exercise of faith and that is where weakness and understanding will impact your success.

I have written a book on this subject, but though I am going to give you the answer now, you may benefit from reading the book.

The Answer: the real power to resist temptation is for you to hear with faith what has happened to you upon your conversion.

Galatians 5:24 Now those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.

When faced with temptation exercise faith in the truth that you have been crucified with Christ. Though you may feel all sorts of passions and desires, within your flesh tempting you to sin, you are to hear with faith that those same lusts have been crucified with Christ when you became a Christian.

My book explains what it means to walk by the Spirit and will provide you the understanding that you need so that you will know how to walk by the Spirit. You will then be able to say that you are walking by the Spirit. You will know victory and that blessed relief from your fleshly passions and desires.

My book is called Take Up Your Cross: Our Only Power to Live and Walk By The Spirit.